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Ballerific Movies

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Ballerific Movies
  • A Circle of Love

    "A Circle of Love" A story about friends that are connected by more than just friendship. Lives are destroyed and friendships are tested as these friends learn just how close they really are.

  • Torn

    A couple's marriage goes dangerously awry when the husband indulges in an adulterous flight.


    "Bloodline" is an urban action drama about Marcus and Nate, brothers that have chosen opposite sides of the law. As Officer Marcus Dorsey pursues the biggest drug lord in his city, he confronts an unlikely adversary, his brother Nate. Marcus is then faced with having to choose between his blood a...

  • Jazz in the Diamond District

    Jazz in the Diamond District is a 79-minute, urban drama that chronicles the summer of Washington, D.C. native, Jasmine "Jazz" Morgan, who joins a Go-go band in hopes of becoming a singing sensation. This rhythmic journey through the nation's capital explores the contrasts between the values of J...